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Organizational skills and saving time are keys to making money in the construction business. Bidtracer gives you both.
- Dan Pfeifer
President, Illingworth-Kilgust Mechanical
an EMCOR Company

Subcontractor Invitation Softare Overview

Bidtracer's Invitation Tool provides you a simple and efficient way to invite subcontractors and vendors to bid to you. On bid day time is of the essence, eliminate the set-up time to invite by picking customizable categories for choosing subs/vendors. Ensure your estimators invite the proper lists of subs/vendors and free up their time giving them more time to estimate. Subs/vendors have the ability to upload quotes back through the invite, filing them electronically within the bid.

Key Features

  • Set up invite lists by definable pick list of specific vendor/sub contact(s)
  • Create customizable pick list of specific subcontractor contact(s)
  • Auto-add features builds vendors/subs categories on the fly
  • Multiple file upload feature for Plans, Specs, and Addendum folders.
  • UNLIMITED hard drive space for uploading documents
  • System detects if invites unopened and resends with notification to estimator
  • AUDIT TRAIL WITH TIME STAMP. Track all actions including if invited viewed, accepted, declined, every file opened
  • Automatically send addenda to already invited and confirm they viewed it
  • Create custom folders within folders
  • Preload canned instructions
  • Vendors/subs have the ability to upload quotation to help organize bid day
  • Multiple file download feature for subcontractors ease of use
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