Construction service Management Software

Coordinating Office to the Field with ease!

CRM built for Service

Track Leads/Opportunties
Track Buildings or Customers
Log Service Sales Activities
Fast & Easy Mobile Interface

Service Agreement Tool

Create Agreements by Equipment Type
Customize Labor Rates
Calculate Time to Complete Tasks
Custom Equipment or Canned
Generate Professional Proposals
Multiple Level Agreement Pricing

Service Repair Tool

Price Equipment Repair Quotes
Fast Drag & Drop Technology or Line Item
Custom Cost Codes
Custom Labor Rates
Travel Calculator
Generate Proposals

Service Project Tool

Create professional submittal binders  
Automatic table of contents and tab seperator sheets
Live documents directly from manufacturers

Mobile Service Repair Tool

Fast & Easy Mobile Interface
Screen by Screen Entries
Generate Proposals/Email from Device
On Device Customer Signature
Tracked in CRM
Manager Approval System

Spanish Mobile Service Tool

Mobile Service Repair Tool in Spanish
User Setting Available for Spanish Interface

Designed from leading service managers

Combination of MCSA standards with adjusted valued based on 150 years of experience. This is our second version which is a complete redesign of our initial tool which was in use for 4 years. In this new design we made it easy to configure labor, parts, material on each equipment size with quick method of cloning size changes. We have also made it possible to combine multiple different departments service into one proposal such as HVAC, Controls & Security can be proposed as one package.

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Over 75 types of equipment

Choose equipment and then you will be able to see all the sizes available. It is really easy to build the different sizes of equipment by cloning then making the adjustment and saving. It takes a minutes per size, so with the 75 different equipment provided and an average of 10 different sizes will take you an hour and a half to build.

ReqUEst Demo

Tasking broken down into subtasking

As equipment is selected, tasking and sub tasking breakdown will summarize labor involved. Tasking is auto-populated and can be adjusted per requirements. Any tasking not included per the customer's service level will still be shown in order to upsell for the next level of service. Tasking can be exported giving the Technician a checklist to ensure all tasks are completed.  

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